Monthly Archives: February 2018

99% Invisible – Our Favorite Podcast

A recent episode about the Chase logo is a must listen.

February 21, 2018

One of our favorite podcasts is 99% Invisible. It’s about things that we see but don’t think much about. A recent episode about the Chase Icon is a is a must-listen for anyone in our business.  It echoes our belief that logos must be: Appropriate for the category. Visually distinctive and easy to recall. Flexible enough to work […]

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What Is Beauty?

We asked. A bunch of women told us.

February 14, 2018

As part of a recent project for a cosmetics company, we interviewed women around the country on the topic of beauty. What is it to them?  What was it to them a few years ago?  Can it be bought? Thoughts varied among age groups.  But one of the most fascinating discussions was among a group […]

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