Monthly Archives: November 2017

Time and Qualitative Research – Friend and Foe

It's not about how long something will take. It's about how long should it take.

November 16, 2017

Time is the friend and foe of qualitative research. When asking people about ads or packaging, a lack of time is our friend.  Too much time allows people to get too rational. People form opinions on such matters in split seconds. In other situations, people need time. You cannot always rush memories or great ideas […]

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Questioning The Data

Sometimes conventions and rules just happen - for no good reason.

November 1, 2017

We recently attended a conference where Malcolm Gladwell spoke.  His topic was challenging the assumptions of data using school ranking and test figures to illustrate his points. One comment stood out most.  Why is the LSAT timed / the length it is? For a lawyer, is getting fewer questions right but answering more of them better […]

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